Rollout Lesson

A complex position where you need a bot to confirm the best play.

Wide Open

Clearly the six should be used to hit but what about the three? 

Make Them Work

Red is losing this game and needs to take action to turn things round.

Complexity Plus

This was the most difficult problem I encountered last year and nearly everybody gets it wrong.

Maintain Communications

The keys to this position are determining the correct game plan and maintaining communications.

Make Them Work

One of the key things in backgammon is to make the checkers work for a living.


Over the board the natural looking 9/7, 8/7(2) was played but this turned out to be a blunder.

Up or back?

The key question is whether Red should stay back or try to escape.

Last Checker Premium

It might seem clear here to play 19/16, 18/16 to block White’s sixes from her 16-pt. That is the obvious move, and it is what was played over the bo…