Corporate Sponsors

We thank our corporate sponsors for the benefits they provide to both the USBGF and our members! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please send us a message.

Gammon Stuff

Gammon Stuff and its CEO John Pirner are generous donors to the USBGF. Gammon Stuff provides a free FTH backgammon set, including cups, cube, and precision dice,
to all ABT tournaments with 100 or more entrants, and a discounted set to smaller tournaments.  

FTH sets are awarded as prizes of FTH Online Jackpots. Gammon Stuff provides FTH Boards to major Capital Campaign donors, and frequently provides incentives such as doubling cubes for our membership campaigns. 

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Gammon Guys

Gammon Guys and its CEO Ed Corey are generous donors to the USBGF. Gammon Guys provides an Artgammon set to winners of Novice and Intermediate divisions for ABT tournaments with 10 or more Novice entrants in the previous year. 

Ed is a Silver Founding Sponsor and volunteers as Membership Director for the USBGF.

The Grunwald Fund

The Grunwald Fund donates Belair wristwatches, valued at $150-$200, to winners of USBGF Pick-a-Pro Jackpots and other Novice initiatives. 

Women in Backgammon

Promoting women’s participation, place, and preeminence in competitive backgammon.

Women in Backgammon provides Women’s Achievement in Backgammon Awards in the form of cash prizes up to $1,000 at ABT tournaments directed by women and/or tournaments with women’s events.

They also provide annual awards for top performing women,  educational resources, and more. 

GameSite 2000

GameSite 2000 is the maker of eXtreme Gammon and XG Mobile software and hosts the GammonSite server. CEO Xavier Dufaure de Citres is a Founding Sponsor.

GameSite 2000 provides a 20% discount to USBGF Premium members for first-time purchase of XG (off list price of $59.95), and a discounted annual fee for all USBGF members ($14 instead of $20) for use of GammonSite.

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GammonVillage specializes in Backgammon, Mah Jongg, Dominoes, and Chess products. 

They generously provide a 15% discount to our Premium, Premium Plus, Youth members and Sponsors.   


Grouper offers players with an eligible health plan a chance to maintain their USBGF membership without fees. If you’re on a qualifying Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan, Grouper will cover the cost of your membership, sending a check directly to you! Check your eligibility on the Grouper website,
Grouper Partner