American Backgammon Hall of Fame

The American Backgammon Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have achieved extraordinary playing results and/or have made extraordinary contributions to the game of backgammon in the United States.

Karen has been a central figure in the rise of the U.S. Backgammon Federation — many say the central figure. She has served on the USBGF Board since its inception in 2009. She was Board Chair from 2010 to 2017, and she was the Federation’s President and Executive Director from 2017 to 2020. She has been a driving force for PrimeTime Backgammon Magazine since its publication began in 2010.
Ed O'Laughlin is a Hall-of-Famer in every way. He has been playing backgammon for 38 years, with his game stronger than ever at age 81. He is an avid student of the game and has never lost his curiosity and enthusiasm.
One of the best-liked and most-respected players in American backgammon, Steve Sax has been a prominent member of the backgammon community for four decades. A renowned competitor with a superlative record of achievement, he is also known for giving generously of his time and expertise.
Prince Alexis Obolensky, regarded by some as the “The Father of Modern Backgammon,” was the first person to define, organize, and popularize tournament play in the United States and internationally.
Beginning with a victory in the World Amateur Championship (544 players) in Las Vegas in 1983, at the age of twenty-one, Joe Sylvester was generally considered to be the best tournament player in the game for at least the next twelve years.
Ray Fogerlund is one of the most accomplished tournament players in modern backgammon history. Known as an intense competitor, he is also recognized for having a heart of gold beneath the occasionally rough exterior.