Our History

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New Website

usbgf.org gets an overhaul and a new look
Brand Redesign with Logo Update

Brand Redesign with Logo Update

Brand redesign with logo update

Online Tournament Series

An evolution of our Online Tournament Circuit

ABT Online! Created

As a response to lockdown due to COVID-19 restrictions
John Pirner
John Pirner

John Pirner

President/Executive Director 2020–present
U.S. Backgammon Federation logo from 2019. It has checker and pip symbols and has the letters USBGF.
Updated Logo

Updated Logo

Updated logo design

USBGF Tournament Rules Rewriten

Simplified ruleset first used in 2017

USBGF Acquires American Backgammon Tour (ABT)

The ABT was created by Bill Davis in 1993
Karen Davis
Karen Davis

Karen Davis

President/Executive Director 2017–2020

First USBGF Ruleset Published

American Backgammon Hall of Fame

Established by, then President and Executive Director, Bill Riles

USBGF Officially Endorses Legal Moves

Putting the onus of legal moves on both players

Election of Board of Directors by Membership

Online election of Board of Directors held annually beginning February 2014

USBGF Master Points

Awarded for tournament play starting in 2014
Bill Riles
Bill Riles

Bill Riles

President/Executive Director 2013–2017

Launch Video Streaming

Key matches at ABT tournaments streamed on YouTube

Online Tournament Circuit

September 2012–December 2020

Acquired backgames.org

Kind gift from developer Michael Darooge

Tournament of the Stars / USBGF National Championships

Inaugurated at the 2011 LA Open

PrimeTime Backgammon Magazine Launched

Inaugural issue September–October

usbgf.org Launched

Name Changed to U.S. Backgammon Federation

Our current name

Standards of Ethical Practice Created

Rules and Ethics Committee formed in 2010

U.S. Backgammon Foundation Formed

Our 501c3 organization
USBGF Original Logo


Our first logo

Founding Sponsors Program

200+ Founding Sponsors contributed over $400,000
Perry Gartner
Perry Gartner

Perry Gartner

President/Executive Director 2010–2013

Boards for Kids

Free backgammon boards for students

Rod Covlin

President/Executive Director 2009–2010

U.S. Backgammon Association Formed

Our original name