Online Match Series

Editor Jason Lee guides us through a daily battle where USBGF members try to beat one of backgammon’s best. 

Backgammon Expert Neil Kazaross
Photo credit: Tara Mendicino

Play Against Neil Kazaross

Play a match against All-time American Backgammon Tour champion Neil Kazaross! 

Follow the daily feed and vote on your play.  

The Online Match Series is one of the great benefits of a USBGF Premium, Premium Plus, or Youth membership.

Photo of Jason Lee, editor of the Online Match Series, with his dog.

Editor Jason Lee

Jason created the Online Match Series in 2012, and has been its editor since then.

Jason has played competitive backgammon for over 20 years. He won an ABT event, the LA Open, in 2005 and has a nice collection of minor victories. 

When not playing backgammon, Jason enjoys biking, watching baseball, reading, and taking his beagles Archie and Teddy on nature walks.

Jason lives in Rockville, Maryland with his wife and dogs, and works as a college mathematics professor.