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Your generosity fuels programs designed to grow the game and provide quality tournament experiences!

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Composing beginner friendly articles, live online learning with Backgammon 101, and starting clubs in schools and universities.


Nurturing the Backgammon Kids Club, running newcomer events at tournaments, and providing online practice for beginners.


Attracting new players through advertising and social media.


Creating modern tournament experiences with the OTS and apps.

For as little as $35 per month, you can become a Mission Sponsor.

Each level comes with a Premium Plus USBGF membership, a custom doubling cube with your name, an invitation to the annual Tournament of Stars, quarterly subscription to the coveted print edition of PrimeTime magazine, plus some exceptional gifts. 

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Not only will you experience the satisfaction of making a positive impact, but with better technology, you’ll also enjoy seamless and user-friendly tournament experiences.

As a Mission Sponsor, you’ll receive exclusive invitations to special tournaments and events, granting you access to play alongside the best of the best. Additionally, you’ll be able to showcase your own personalized doubling cube. 

We value your support, so we want to express our gratitude by waiving your $10 ABT event fee at all tournaments. It’s our ongoing gesture of appreciation for your commitment to our mission.

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PrimeTime (Print Edition)

Waived ABT Event Fees
Backgammon Lesson
Bronze Doubling Cube

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Premium+ Membership
PrimeTime (Print Edition)

Waived ABT Event Fees
Backgammon Lesson
Silver Doubling Cube

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Premium+ Membership
PrimeTime (Print Edition)

Waived ABT Fees
Book: Dice, Cubes, and Gentleman
Silver Doubling Cube

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Mission Sponsorship and You

USBGF’s Mission Sponsor Program is specifically designed to create meaningful partnerships between the USBGF and individuals, organizations, and businesses who share our passion for backgammon. 

By becoming a Mission Sponsor, you will have a unique opportunity to directly contribute to the advancement of backgammon and help us continue our vital work.

We thank you for your support of backgammon!

Got questions? We can help! For help converting your current membership into a Sponsorship, please contact our Director of Member Services, Ed Corey at hello@usbgf.org