Backgammon Club for Kids

USBGF Kids Club

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The USBGF Kids Club is designed for youth, ages 8-17.  We meet every Sunday at 10 am, US Central time.  

Kids from around the world are welcome!

Why Backgammon?

Backgammon is a fascinating game that helps strengthen cognitive skills.  Your child will be challenged to exercise logic, develop pattern recognition, and improve their memory.

The kids learn math skills, like counting and probability, and concepts to enhance their decision-making ability — all while having fun in a supportive atmosphere.


The USBGF Kids Club meets every Sunday at 10 am, US Central time.  

To participate:

  1. Fill out the form below, parent or guardian permission is required
  2. Sign your child up for a Backgammon Hub account
  3. Meet on Backgammon Hub prior to start time

Questions: Contact Kids Club Director, Mike Cooper at, 612-369-2780 or, 1-612-703-3211