Last Checker Premium

It might seem clear here to play 19/16, 18/16 to block White’s sixes from her 16-pt. That is the obvious move, and it is what was played over the bo…

Complex Back Game

Back games can be horrendously difficult and this one certainly isn’t easy.

When in Doubt

The age-old saying in backgammon is, “when in doubt, hit”.

Too Many Choices

There are a huge number of possible moves with Red’s double threes as there often are with small doubles.

A Tricky Question

Red could play safe with 6/1, 4/1 but what will he do next time and meanwhile he has trashed his board.

Always Have a Game Plan

Always having a game plan is a key to winning backgammon. This is not a difficult problem if you follow that idea. Should Red be blitzing or priming h…