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Executive Committee

  • Members: John Pirner (Chair), Joe Russell; Karen Davis; Art Benjamin; Dan Minardi; Marty Storer 
  • Charge: Provide advice on policy and management issues 

Governance and Nominating Committee

  • Members: Art Benjamin (Chair), John Pirner
  • Charge: Oversee election of directors, identify additional needed Board director competencies, succession planning

Hall of Fame Committee

  • Members: Joe Russell (Chair), Art Benjamin, Patrick Gibson, Neil Kazaross, Bill Robertie, Kent Goulding
  • Charge: Oversee election of inductees to Hall of Fame; awards dinner

Local Club Committee

  • Members: Albert Steg (Chair), Ted Chee, Ed Corey, Karen Davis, Jack Edelson, Ben Friesen, Ross Gordon, Joe Miller, Jeff Proctor
  • Charge: Provide information and support to potential new local club directors; refine information packet for directors; advise on website redesign to support local club directors; oversee Local Club Initiative; advise on local club master point system; assist with annual Local Club Player of Year article for magazine.

Membership Committee

  • Members: Ed Corey (Chair)
  • Charge: Oversee membership recruitment and retention strategy, develop and advise on special membership promotions; advise on adopting automatic recurring PayPal renewal; advise on website redesign as it affects membership

Ratings and Statistics Committee

  • Members: Rich Munitz (Chair), Neil Kazaross, Joe Russell
  • Charge: Oversee ABT, USBGF National Master Points, USBGF Online Master Points system; advise on implementation of a local club master point system

Rules and Ethics Committee

  • Members: Rich Munitz (Chair), Jeb Horton, Neil Kazaross, Frank Talbot
  • Charge: Develop refinements to USBGF Rules; liaison with WBGF international working group on Rules; oversee adherence to Rules and Ethics

Tournament Directors Advisory Committee (TDAC)

  • Members: Benjamin Friesen (Chair & USBGF Liaison), all ABT directors and organizers are encouraged to attend
  • Charge: Advise USBGF Board of Directors on policy issues affecting ABT tournaments

U.S. Backgammon Foundation Directors

  • Karen Davis, President and Executive Director
  • John Pirner, Chairman of the Board
  • Board of Directors: Art Benjamin, Joe Russell, Jason Briggs, Dan Minardi
  • Charge: Review and approve Foundation budget; develop fund-raising strategy; oversee policy on support of streaming and educational activities