A Blast from the Past

This position is taken from Jeff Ward’s 1982 book ‘Winning is More Fun’. Red was Nack Ballard and White was Kent Goulding and this was the final…

Back Game Strategies

White has a reasonably well-timed 2-3 back game, but her home board could collapse with a sequence of high numbers.

Fundamental Tactics

One of the fundamental backgammon tactics is this: “attack a lone rear checker, prime an anchor”.

Backgame Planning

It is easy to get confused by the array of choice that Red has with his double threes.

Scary Double

It should be clear Red has a huge double, due to the volatility of the position. Now the difficult part, should White take or drop?

Match Play Enigma

If this was an unlimited game this would be a grossly premature double.

Middle Game Double

This position is deceptive. Red seems to control the whole board and this looks to be a strong double that White might not be able to take.

DMP Thinking

Whenever you roll a small number like 21 you know you are going to have a lot of choices.