Jason Briggs

Jason Briggs at Home

In my view, backgammon is about family and fellowship. I have had the great pleasure to play in tournaments, most often with my father and son, from Monaco to Los Angeles. The common thread, to me, is the community. Over the last several years I have introduced backgammon programs to six tennis and golf clubs in South Florida and Maine and have, thus, introduced over four hundred players to tournament backgammon.

I have founded four companies and am currently serving on the board of three non-profits, which to date have raised over $8,000,000 for causes ranging from affordable housing to education. I have always been an able and enthusiastic fundraiser for organizations I believe in and am very enthusiastic about USBGF’s mission.

My goal as a board member is to continue to introduce new clubs to the game, leading to more players at tournaments as well as a broader base for USBGF’s fundraising efforts.