Alex Eshaghian

Why do you want to join the board?

I have been playing backgammon since a child and it is a passion for me and I would like others to enjoy it as much as I do.

What do you want to accomplish as a board member?

These are some specific goals I have in mind as a board member of the USBGF:

  • Improving attendance at local and ABT tournaments. I have taken an informal survey to see what people are interested in and I would like to pass on the results to the USBGF.
  • Improving streaming videos at tournaments. I would like to have an “how to” in writing.
  • Look for sponsorship opportunities.
  • Encouraging an environment where everyone works together in the benefit of the game.

What skills and expertise will you bring to the board?

These are some of my accomplishments in backgammon:

  • Written multiple books: opening strategies, opening replies, early game blitzes, backgame strategy
  • Started a YouTube channel with over 100 videos, over 20,000 views, and over 300 subscribers
  • Contribute to online forums
  • Been a member of the USBGF since inception
  • Assisted running local tournaments in Los Angeles
  • Started a backgammon club at UCLA
  • Currently working on making business cards for local tournaments
  • Created a bracket for weekly tournaments
  • Won multiple tournaments including Los Angeles Open (intermediate), Gammon Associates Tournament of Champions, and many Gammon Associates weekly tournaments
  • Provided commentary at the 2023 Los Angeles Open
  • I will be helping with the USBGF online match in collaboration with Jason Lee.
  • I have had discussions with April Mesich regarding creating more videos.
  • I have donated the dice distribution spreadsheet to the USBGF which is being used as an incentive for premium membership.
  • I would like to create a USBGF series on my YouTube channel to help promote the USBGF.