PrimeTime Magazine Mar-Apr 2012

PrimeTime Magazine News Thumbnail Mar-Apr 2012

Marty Storer annotates the Masters Jackpot Final at the US Open between Matt Cohn-Geier and Justin Nunez.

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Table of Contents

Masters Jackpot Finals at the US Open: Matt Cohn Geier vs. Justin Nunez
Backgammon with Altitude
Update on the USBGF
USBGF Online Match Series
Starting Off Right
NIC Profile: Dorn Bishop
Facelift for USBGF Facebook Page
NIC Profile: Svilen “Svilo” Todorov
Stick Rice Backgammon Lesson
NIC Profile: Bruce Newberg
NIC Profile: Joe Roth
Upcoming U.S. Events
Pittsburgh Championships
The Leading US Players
Founding Sponsors
ABT Tournament Results
USBGF Volunteer Staff
USBGF Gear Depot
USBGF Board of Directors

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