PrimeTime Magazine Jul-Aug 2015

PrimeTime Magazine Jul Aug 2015

Joe Russell fresh from victories at the US Open and the Atlanta Masters Jackpot appear on the cover of the Jul-Aug PrimeTime Magazine.

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Table of Contents


  • Herb Gurland:  A Match in Memoriam
  • HOF:  Interview with Malcolm Davis
  • Nordic Open 2015
  • US Open Backgammon Championships
  • Backgammon Fever in Sochi, Russia

Video Lesson

  • Running Pip Count

In Memoriam

  • Herb Gurland
  • Elayne Feinstein

Player Profiles

  • Fernando Neumark

Local Club News

  • Dallas Backgammon League

Tournament News

  • 7th Atlanta Spring Classic
  • Qualifying Prime Clubs

Tournament Results

  • Live Tournament Results
  • Online Circuit Winners


  • President’s Column
  • Founding Sponsors

USBGF National and Online Stats

  • Master Point Leaders
  • 2014 Online Tournament of Championships
  • National Leaderboard
  • Online Leaderboard


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