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Hoosier Backgammon Club

Meeting Details

Meets Wednesday at 6:30 pm



Sean Garber
Scott Day

Venue Location

Trader’s Mill Grill & Bar
5650 W 86th St., Indianapolis, 46278


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Justin Abbott
Greg Back
Bradley Baker
Chuck Bower
Jim Curtis
Dan Dabney
Scott Day
Merle R Day
Patrick Domico
Bob Frydell
Sean Garber
Charles Haley
Kevin Heacox
Ron Hickz
Kirke Holmes
Benjamin Hugon
Scott Johnston
Todd Kennedy
Mary Ann Meese
Mark Milkie
Kari Niblack Esq.
Thomas O’Keefe
Mike Reeder
Brian Rogers
Rob Rothenberg
rose Sheedy
Erik Wallace
Channing Webster
Susie Witters
Bob Young
Mick Zakrajsek
David Zakrajsek