Arizona Backgammon Club

Meeting Details

Meets 1st Tuesday of each month. Register for the draw by 6:30 pm. Tournament starts at 7:00 pm



Doug Amenda
480-284-6400 or 602-762-2288 (cell)

Venue Location

Twin Peaks Sports Bar and Restaurant
8787 East Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard, Scottsdale AZ


Club standings that are entered into will be displayed here.  Contact us to request a Backgames account for this club.

USBGF Members in this Club

Prime clubs have eight or more USBGF members! 

John Stetenfeld Always
Doug Amenda
Glen Arnold
Giora Ben-Horin
Ralph Byrns
Ralph Byrns
Leslie Byrns
David Cohen
Darrell Costello
Todd Crosner
Casey Cullers
James Davis
Michael Derylo
Whytte Duncan
Ernest Gallegos
Frank Koenen
Chuck Kruger
Joe Lafornara
Mia Lorenzen
James Lowe
Max McCauley
Pat McCormick
Kevin McDonough
April Mesich
April Mesich (Admin)
Anca Micu
Cherie Owens
Cliff Pappas
Mark Petello
Mark Petello
Wayne Porter
Michael Ramsey
Kelly Renaud
Glenn Richardson
John Rickel
Proctor Ritchie
Proctor Ritchie
Gary Schachtschneider
Gary Schachtschneider (Duplicate)
Joseph Shaber
Ali Shamsian
Dale Snow
Jami Tipton
John Virga
David Wright
Bruce Yee