Backgammon Excellence: Recognizing the Top Performers of 2023

ABT and Online Tournament Series Players of the Year for 2023.
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We are delighted to recognize the standout players from the American Backgammon Tour (ABT) and the Online Tournament Series who have demonstrated skill and dedication in 2023. Players will be honored at our annual USBGF Awards Dinner, in partnership with the New York Metropolitan Open, on Jan 6th, 2024.

John O’Hagan: 2023 ABT Player of the Year

Pictured: John O’Hagan

John O’Hagan (Indiana) secures the coveted and prestigious title of American Backgammon Tour (ABT) Player of the Year. His notable wins include 1st place at the Cherry Blossom Championship, 1st place at the Viking Classic, 3/4th place at the Texas Championships, 3rd place at the Wild West Shootout, 4/7th place at the St. Louis Gateway Open, 3/4th Consolation at the Las Vegas Open, and 4/5th place at Ohio State.

Top 10 ABT Points 2023

1John O’Hagan59.17
2Kit Woolsey51.73
3Victor Ashkenazi47.35
4Mike Horri37.19
5Saba Bejanishvili36.51
6David Winn30.96
7Max Stockslager28.00
8Greg Lilley27.40
9Al Hodis24.47
10Fernando Braconi23.33
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Will Reeves: Top Spot in the ABT Advanced Intermediate Division

Pictured: Will Reeves

Claiming the #1 spot in the ABT Advanced Intermediate division, Will Reeves (Colorado) stands out with a 1st place victory at the US Open, 1st place Consolation in New York and Ohio, 1st place Last Chance in Texas, and a commendable 3rd place at the Wild West Shootout, participating in a total of 15 tournaments throughout 2023.

Top 10 ABT Points, Advanced/Intermediate Division 2023

1William Reeves18.15
2Tiffany Van16.03
3Boris Shafransky12.87
4Laura Granger11.97
5PJ Macali11.26
6Joshua Posthuma11.09
7Tom McEvoy10.04
8Steve Klesker8.41
9Andy Plat8.20
10Robert Hathaway8.13
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Blake Sorem: #1 in ABT Online!

Pictured: Blake Sorem

Blake Sorem (Washington) takes the lead in ABT Online by attending seven events of The Big Freeze-Out in 2023 and placing in all but three. His consistent performance includes a notable 1st place finish in the June event.

Top 10 ABT Online! Points 2023

1Blake Sorem23.45
2Rodryk Schönfeld16.90
3Art Benjamin14.03
4Mario Savan13.27
5Joel Montgomery12.28
6Jeff Schwarz11.00
7Gary Koscielny9.88
8David Rennie8.65
9Ilia Guzei8.00
10Charlie Stewart6.40
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Mary Morse: Leading the USBGF Online Master Point Standings

Pictured: Mary Morse

Players earn Online Master Points by placing in Online Tournament Series (OTS) events. Securing the #1 position in USBGF Online Master Points for 2023, Mary Morse (Texas) impressively participated in 40 OTS events, including, Monthly OTS, Rapid Rounds, Divisional-Masters, and Women’s Monthly.

Top 10 USBGF Online Master Points 2023*

1Mary Morse66.60
2Bill Lonergan56.02
3Roberto Litzenberger54.18
4Ilia Guzei53.81
5Ted Chee53.75
6John Gamalielson47.77
7Lynda Clay46.34
8John Brown44.81
9Kara Schultz41.02
10Karen Davis39.57
* As of 12/28/2023. Subject to change until all results are in by 1/1/2024.

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Congratulations to the 2023 Point Leaders and Players of the Year. May your commitment to the game and remarkable performances serve as inspiration for others. As we recognize the accomplishments of our top performers, we express gratitude to all participants who played a vital role in the success of the 2023 backgammon season. Your passion and dedication inspire us and motivate us to excel in fulfilling our mission.

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