• American Backgammon Hall of Fame

Mike Svobodny

Inducted in 2017
From Miami, Florida and Monte Carlo, Monaco

Mike Svobodny is one of the most internationally well-known backgammon players and one of the few true celebrities of the game. In addition to a significant tournament play history, he is regarded as the most successful money and proposition player in backgammon. Mike Svobodny is a citizen of the world, travelling far and wide to play. He has sponsored the development of dozens of promising players over the years. As a director/promoter, he has been involved in hosting events in Cancun and other exotic locales. He is one of seven Diamond Founding Sponsors of the U.S. Backgammon Federation. He is one of the most personable and well-liked players ever.


  • Won the 1984 World Championship in Monte Carlo, the 1992 World Cup in Dallas, and the 1996 Nordic Open in Copenhagen. He is the only player to have won all three of these major events.
  • Selected to the 32 Giants of Backgammon seven consecutive times from its inception — including #5 in 1993 and #4 in 1997 among four consecutive top ten appearances.