USBGF 2020 Local Club Initiative Online Playoff
Tara Mendicino and Jeff Proctor
The U.S. Backgammon Federation is pleased to announce the 2020 Local Club Initiative Online Playoff. Registration will close and the draw will be announced Friday, March 6, 2021.
Registration is by invitation only and is limited to those players who have won a USBGF Affiliated Local Club annual tournament. The first and second place finishers will receive certificates and an analysis of their final match by a leading backgammon expert. First place will receive free entry to an ABT tournament of their choice. The tournament is directed by Tara Mendicino tara@usbgf.org and Jeff Proctor jp30115@gmail.com.
The format consists of single matches beginning with a 13 point length, and increased by two points in the semi-final and final rounds (e.g. 13/13/13/15/17).
Registration, Venue, & Schedule
  • Players who have qualified for invitation to the 2020 Local Club Initiative Online Playoff have been pre-registered. Please see the Players page to view all players who have qualified. Pre-registered players may withdraw at the Registration page prior to the start date, should they not wish to participate.
  • The 2020 Local Club Initiative Online Playoff will be played on either (1) GridGammon, (2) Gammonsite, (3) Safe Harbor Games, (4) Backgammon Studio, or (5) Backgammon Galaxy — in beta.
  • Players are allowed 14 days for arranging and completing each round.
USBGF Tournament System
  • Players will be automatically notified of their opponent and e-mail their opponent to arrange a playing time using the USBGF Tournament System. Several times should be offered.
  • Winners of each match report their result using the USBGF Tournament System.
  • The USBGF Tournament System provides lists of registered players for open brackets and drawsheets.
Online Leader Board
A USBGF Online Circuit Leader Board includes Elo rating and Win/Loss record of all players in USBGF-sponsored online events who are active members. The Elo rating and Win/Loss Record of the top ten ranked players for each Division will be publicized on the USBGF Facebook site and included in bi-monthly issues of PrimeTime Backgammon.
The winner of the 2020 Local Club Initiative Online Playoff will be noted on the USBGF website, USBGF Facebook page, and will be interviewed for an article in PrimeTime Backgammon magazine.
The tournament directors reserve the right to make modifications to the tournament design as well as the right to exclude participation with no reason required.