2013 – 2014 USBGF National Internet Championship
Joe Russell and Tara Mendicino
The U.S. Backgammon Federation is pleased to announce the launch of the 2013-2014 USBGF National Internet Championship. This free entry tournament for all USBGF members – including Premium, Youth, and Basic members and both U.S. and international members – is one of the biggest and most exciting online tournaments. Please register and follow the action at the Online Circuit section of our website. The tournament is co-directed by Joe Russell joe@usbgf.org and Tara Mendicino tara@usbgf.org.
Venue and Schedule
  • All matches will be played on GridGammon. Nicknames will be arranged through a special service free of charge to USBGF members who are not already registered at GridGammon. If you do not have a GridGammon nickname, please complete our GridGammon New Account Request form at usbgf.org/trny/gg-acct/. Both Windows and Macintosh clients are available.
  • 14 days will be allowed for arranging and completing each round for all divisions.
  • Play begins December 15, 2013 on a rolling basis with brackets of 8 players. Registration for all Divisions will close with sufficient time to allow for all Divisional Playoffs to start on or before April 1, subject to Director’s discretion.
  • The number of brackets will depend on number of interested entrants. It is anticipated that there will be 8 Intermediate brackets of 8 players each (including one re-entry for those who lose); 16 Advanced brackets; and 32 Open brackets. The tournament directors reserve the right to cap the number of brackets prior to the deadline noted above.
  • Entry is free to all USBGF members (Premium, Youth, Basic). Both national and international members may participate.
  • Each player gets two chances to qualify and may qualify twice. After qualifying rounds end, the single-elimination playoffs will begin.
  • There will be three Divisions: Intermediate, Advanced, and Championship.
  • This year the Division will be based on players’ USBGF online Elo rating at the time of registration. Players with a USBGF Online Tournament Circuit Elo rating of 1500.00 or below will enter the Intermediate Division, players with an Elo rating between 1500.01 – 1649.99 will enter the Advanced Division, and players with an Elo rating of 1650.00 or above will enter the Championship Division.
  • The Championship Division consists of the best two of three 11 point matches in the opening rounds. The Advanced Division is the best two of three 9 point matches in the opening rounds. The Intermediate Division is the best two of three 7 point matches in the opening rounds. Match lengths will be increased by two points in the semi-final round and by four points in the final round (i.e. to 13 and 15 points in the Championship Division respectively, to 11 and 13 in the Advanced Division, and to 9 and 11 points in the Intermediate Division).
  • The opening rounds consist of a rolling series of 8-person brackets for each Division, the random draw for each of which will begin as soon as eight members in that Division have registered.
  • Each player gets two chances to qualify and may qualify twice, but must wait until they complete their matches in the first bracket before re-entering (i.e. a total of two entries per member is allowed, regardless of the result of the first entry).
  • The winners of the 8-person rounds will then be randomly paired in the remaining rounds. Again Championship players will play best two-of-three 11 point matches until the semi-final rounds. Advanced players will play best two-of-three 9 point matches until the semi-final rounds, and Intermediate players will play best two-of-three 7 point matches until the semi-final rounds.
USBGF Tournament System
  • Players register online. Members must be logged in to register. If needed, USBGF Usernames may be requested from info@usbgf.org. If not currently an active member please join.
  • Players will be automatically notified of their opponent and e-mail their opponent to arrange a playing time using the USBGF Tournament System. Several times should be offered.
  • Winners of the best two-of-three matches report their result using the USBGF Tournament System.
  • The USBGF Tournament System provides lists of registered players for open brackets and drawsheets.
USBGF Online Rating System
Initial Elo Rating for New Players
  • Players who are new to the USBGF Tournament System are asked to select their initial Elo rating. We will accept ratings from GridGammon and will verify your submission.
  • Giants of Backgammon and expert players who do not have a GridGammon account may submit an initial rating selection of 1900.
  • Players who are new to online backgammon may select “Start With New Statistics.” Those players will start fresh with an Elo of 1500, Experience Points set to zero. Players should expect substantial volatility in their ratings until at least 400 Experience Points are gained.
  • All other players will start with 400 Experience Points.
  • For more information regarding our Rating System, please see Rating System. Should you have any questions or are unsure of what to submit, please use our Support Form.
Initial Elo Rating Guidelines
  • Players with GridGammon ratings <= 1549 should select 1500.
  • Players with GridGammon ratings > 1549 and < 1650 should select 1600.
  • Players with GridGammon ratings > 1649 and < 1750 should select 1700.
  • Players with GridGammon ratings > 1749 and < 1850 should select 1800.
  • Players with GridGammon ratings > 1849 should select 1900.
  • Unknown players without GridGammon ratings should select Start With New Statistics.
Match Reporting & Match Logs
Winners Report via the Report Win Form
Winners of matches should use the Report Win form in the USBGF Online Tournament Circuit system to report match results. Players should save their matches and upload the match file when reporting match results. Player participation in this tournament implies full consent of the USBGF to make match files available to its members for download from the USBGF website or analyze for USBGF publication.
Online Leader Board
A USBGF Online Circuit Leader Board includes Elo rating and Win/Loss record of all players in USBGF-sponsored online events who are active members. The Elo rating and Win/Loss Record of the top ten ranked players for each Division will be publicized on the USBGF Facebook site and included in bi-monthly issues of PrimeTime Backgammon.
Recognition certificates will be awarded at the annual USBGF awards dinner to:
  • The top four winners for each Division (Intermediate, Advanced, Open)
  • All winners will be noted on the USBGF website Hall of Fame, USBGF Facebook page, and will be interviewed for an article in PrimeTime Backgammon Magazine.
  • The top two Championship winners will receive a qualifying spot in the 2014 USBGF National Championship to be held in conjunction with the 2014 Carolina Invitational in Charlotte, NC Labor Day weekend, bypassing the qualifying brackets of 8.
  • The top two U.S. Championship winners will receive places on the U.S. team in the IBC IV, co-sponsored by the U.S. Backgammon Federation.
The tournament directors reserve the right to make modifications to the tournament design as well as the right to exclude participation with no reason required.