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Start DateStatusTournamentDivisionEntryWinner
Oct 01, 2017Registration: 87Circuit Monthly for OctoberOpen to AllFree EntryNone
Oct 03, 2017ClosedUSBGF Intermediate Divisional XXXIIIIntermediateFree EntryNone
Sep 21, 2017ClosedUSBGF Masters Divisional LVIChampionshipFree EntryNone
Sep 20, 2017ClosedUSBGF Advanced Divisional XLIAdvancedFree EntryNone
Sep 13, 2017ClosedMembership Blitz #56Open to All$10.00None
Sep 02, 2017In ProgressCircuit Monthly for SeptemberOpen to AllFree EntryNone
Aug 29, 2017In ProgressUSBGF Advanced Divisional XLAdvancedFree EntryNone
Aug 29, 2017In ProgressUSBGF Masters Divisional LVChampionshipFree EntryNone
Aug 29, 2017In ProgressUSBGF Intermediate Divisional XXXIIIntermediateFree EntryNone
Aug 23, 2017In ProgressMembership Blitz #55Open to All$10.00None
Aug 13, 2017In ProgressCircuit Monthly for AugustOpen to AllFree EntryNone
Jul 27, 2017In ProgressUSBGF Masters Divisional LIVChampionshipFree EntryNone
Jul 27, 2017In ProgressUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXXIXAdvancedFree EntryNone
Jul 27, 2017CompletedMembership Blitz #54Open to All$10.00Juan Jose Aguzzi
Jul 23, 2017In ProgressUSBGF Masters Divisional LIIIChampionshipFree EntryNone
Jul 23, 2017CompletedUSBGF Intermediate Divisional XXXIIntermediateFree EntryJoost Van Schijndel
Jul 05, 2017In ProgressUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXXVIIIAdvancedFree EntryNone
Jul 05, 2017CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional LIIChampionshipFree EntryKamil Karaali
Jul 05, 2017CompletedMembership Blitz #53Open to All$10.00William Lonergan
Jul 05, 2017CompletedUSBGF Intermediate Divisional XXXIntermediateFree EntryJoost Van Schijndel
Jul 04, 2017In ProgressCircuit Monthly for JulyOpen to AllFree EntryNone
Jun 28, 2017CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional LIChampionshipFree EntryAndrey Nesterov
Jun 18, 2017CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional LChampionshipFree EntrySteven Waller
Jun 18, 2017CompletedUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXXVIIAdvancedFree EntrySteven Waller
Jun 18, 2017CompletedUSBGF Intermediate Divisional XXIXIntermediateFree EntryKen Indart
Jun 18, 2017CompletedMembership Blitz #52Open to All$10.00Andrew Selby
Jun 01, 2017CompletedCircuit Monthly for JuneOpen to AllFree EntryJan Cerny
May 31, 2017In Progress2017 Tournament of ChampionsOpen to AllFree EntryNone
May 31, 2017CompletedUSBGF Intermediate Divisional XXVIIIIntermediateFree EntryPierre VIAU
May 31, 2017CompletedUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXXVIAdvancedFree EntryMartin Filipi
May 31, 2017CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XLIXChampionshipFree EntryMartin Zizka
May 21, 2017CompletedMembership Blitz #51Open to All$10.00Andrew Selby
May 09, 2017CompletedUSBGF Intermediate Divisional XXVIIIntermediateFree EntryJoel Montgomery
May 09, 2017CompletedUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXXVAdvancedFree EntryMartin Filipi
May 09, 2017CompletedMembership Blitz #50Open to All$10.00Ronald Loero
May 09, 2017CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XLVIIIChampionshipFree EntryTed Chee
May 02, 2017In ProgressCircuit Monthly for MayOpen to AllFree EntryNone
Apr 21, 2017CompletedUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXXIVAdvancedFree EntryJames Allen
Apr 21, 2017CompletedMembership Blitz #49Open to All$10.00Mario Savan
Apr 21, 2017CompletedUSBGF Intermediate Divisional XXVIIntermediateFree EntryOscar Quiroz
Apr 19, 2017CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XLVIIChampionshipFree EntryArt Benjamin
Apr 02, 2017CompletedCircuit Monthly for AprilOpen to AllFree EntryJan Cerny
Mar 30, 2017CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XLVIChampionshipFree EntryKamil Karaali
Mar 19, 2017CompletedUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXXIIIAdvancedFree EntryMary Morse
Mar 19, 2017CompletedMembership Blitz #48Open to All$10.00Kamil Karaali
Mar 19, 2017CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XLVChampionshipFree EntryJeb Horton
Mar 07, 2017Completed3rd Director’s CupOpen to AllFree EntryKen Bame
Mar 03, 2017CompletedCircuit Monthly for MarchOpen to AllFree EntryWilliam Lonergan
Feb 25, 2017CompletedMembership Blitz #47Open to All$10.00Andrew Selby
Feb 25, 2017CompletedUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXXIIAdvancedFree EntryCarl Blumenstein
Feb 21, 2017CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XLIVChampionshipFree EntryRichard Munitz