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Start DateStatusTournamentDivisionEntryWinner
Feb 22, 2017Registration: 26USBGF Intermediate Divisional XXVIIntermediateFree EntryNone
Apr 01, 2017Registration: 103Circuit Monthly for AprilOpen to AllFree EntryNone
Apr 13, 2017Registration: 6Membership Blitz #49Open to All$10.00None
Apr 20, 2017Registration: 12USBGF Advanced Divisional XXXIVAdvancedFree EntryNone
Apr 12, 2017ClosedUSBGF Masters Divisional XLVIChampionshipFree EntryNone
Mar 19, 2017In ProgressUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXXIIIAdvancedFree EntryNone
Mar 19, 2017In ProgressMembership Blitz #48Open to All$10.00None
Mar 19, 2017In ProgressUSBGF Masters Divisional XLVChampionshipFree EntryNone
Mar 07, 2017In Progress3rd Director’s CupOpen to AllFree EntryNone
Mar 03, 2017In ProgressCircuit Monthly for MarchOpen to AllFree EntryNone
Feb 25, 2017In ProgressMembership Blitz #47Open to All$10.00None
Feb 25, 2017In ProgressUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXXIIAdvancedFree EntryNone
Feb 21, 2017In ProgressUSBGF Masters Divisional XLIVChampionshipFree EntryNone
Feb 09, 2017In ProgressUSBGF Masters Divisional XLIIIChampionshipFree EntryNone
Feb 09, 2017In ProgressUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXXIAdvancedFree EntryNone
Feb 09, 2017CompletedMembership Blitz #46Open to All$10.00Kamil Karaali
Feb 08, 2017In ProgressCircuit Monthly for FebruaryOpen to AllFree EntryNone
Jan 25, 2017In ProgressUSBGF Intermediate Divisional XXVIntermediateFree EntryNone
Jan 25, 2017CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XLIIChampionshipFree EntryBill Riles
Jan 21, 2017CompletedUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXIXAdvancedFree EntryJames Schothorst
Jan 20, 2017In ProgressUSBGF Masters Divisional XLIChampionshipFree EntryNone
Jan 20, 2017CompletedMembership Blitz #45Open to All$10.00Kamil Karaali
Jan 20, 2017CompletedUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXXAdvancedFree EntryAlessandro Pettini
Jan 04, 2017In ProgressCircuit Monthly for JanuaryOpen to AllFree EntryNone
Dec 26, 2016CompletedMembership Blitz #44Open to All$10.00Ergin Bayrak
Dec 25, 2016CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XLChampionshipFree EntryJalil Khalili
Dec 14, 2016CompletedMembership Blitz #43Open to All$10.00William Lonergan
Dec 05, 2016CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XXXIXChampionshipFree EntryMislav Kovačić
Dec 01, 2016CompletedCircuit Monthly for DecemberOpen to AllFree EntryJack Cohen
Nov 24, 2016CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XXXVIIIChampionshipFree EntryIgor Erovenko
Nov 23, 2016CompletedUSBGF Intermediate Divisional XXIVIntermediateFree EntryMartin Filipi
Nov 22, 2016CompletedUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXVIIIAdvancedFree EntryPeter Swartwout
Nov 11, 2016CompletedMembership Blitz #42Open to All$10.00Cynthia Belonogoff
Nov 02, 2016CompletedCircuit Monthly for NovemberOpen to AllFree EntryOlga Ivanova
Nov 01, 2016Completed2016 Federation Cup PlayoffOpen to AllFree EntryJeb Horton
Oct 19, 2016In ProgressUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXVIIAdvancedFree EntryNone
Oct 19, 2016CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XXXVIIChampionshipFree EntryIgor Erovenko
Oct 02, 2016CompletedCircuit Monthly for OctoberOpen to AllFree EntryScott Ward
Sep 29, 2016Completed2015 Tournament of ChampionsOpen to AllFree EntryJohn Klein
Sep 26, 2016CompletedUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXVIAdvancedFree EntryBruce Farquhar
Sep 26, 2016CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XXXVIChampionshipFree EntryAdam Prager
Sep 26, 2016CompletedMembership Blitz #41Open to All$10.00Kamil Karaali
Sep 13, 2016Completed2016 Federation Cup Qualifier 14Open to AllFree EntryJeb Horton
Sep 01, 2016CompletedCircuit Monthly for SeptemberOpen to AllFree EntryMislav Kovačić
Aug 28, 2016CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XXXVChampionshipFree EntryBill Riles
Aug 28, 2016CompletedUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXVAdvancedFree EntryGary Oleson
Aug 23, 2016CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XXXIVChampionshipFree EntryJoseph Russell
Aug 23, 2016CompletedUSBGF Advanced Divisional XXIVAdvancedFree EntryRodryk Schoenfeld
Aug 23, 2016Completed2016 Federation Cup Qualifier 13Open to AllFree EntryJalil Khalili
Aug 10, 2016CompletedMembership Blitz #40Open to All$10.00Cynthia Belonogoff
Aug 04, 2016CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XXXIIIChampionshipFree EntryJalil Khalili
Aug 03, 2016CompletedCircuit Monthly for AugustOpen to AllFree EntryBruce Farquhar
Jul 21, 2016CompletedMembership Blitz #39Open to All$10.00William Lonergan
Jul 19, 2016CompletedUSBGF Masters Divisional XXXIIChampionshipFree EntryJan Cerny