National Collegiate Championships

USBGF 2013 National Collegiate Backgammon Championship -Ben Friesen


Ben Friesen, 2013 USBGF U.S.  Collegiate Backgammon Champion

Ben Friesen, 2013 USBGF U.S. Collegiate Backgammon Champion

Ben Friesen from the University of Michigan-Flint won the USBGF U.S. Collegiate Backgammon Championship in an exciting finale against Michael Zakrajsek from the University of Texas-Austin.
Agamir Gevorkyan from Russia won the International Collegiate Championship finals match against Junichi Kieda from Japan. The U.S. College Team Championship went to Northwestern with players David Presser, Michael Harper, and Daniel Learner. Second place college team went to the University of South Carolina with Michaela Close, Branford Wilkins, and Purva Choudhari.


USBGF 2012 National Collegiate Backgammon Championship – Harvey Mudd College

Congratulations 1st place winners – Jonathan Schwartz, Nathan Hall,Louis Ryan and Coach Art Benjamin





2nd place University of California at Los Angeles – Joe Roth, Ashim Ahuja, and Matt Hecht

3rd place University of California at Los Angeles – Ezra ?, Dan Ben-Moshe, Lily Berticevich

4th place Northwestern – Michael Harper, Subramanian Krishnamurthy






USBGF 2011 National Collegiate Backgammon Championship — Proctored Online, April 23, 2011



1st Place Team: UCLA – Dan Ben-Moshe, Joe Roth, and Ashim Ahuja; 2nd Place Team: Northwestern University — Naveed Heydari, Uri Magaram, Kerem Taskin, and Michael Harper; 3rd/4th Place Teams: Indiana University – Benjamin Hugon, Brian Rogers, Eric Wallace; Princeton – Kamron Saniee, Boris Alexeev, Onder Polat; 5th/8th Place Teams: Clemson – Ben Cousins, Justen Brewster, Christopher Corsi; Harvey Mudd College – Louis Ryan, Jeff Burkert, Jonathan Schwartz, Emily Fischer; a second Northwestern team —Jesse Anderson-Leyman, Stephen Bock, and Michael Davis; and Yale – Ryan McKinnon, Yuval Bussi, Edward Shaer.