USBGF Collegiate & Youth Invitational


The U.S. Backgammon Federation is pleased to announce the launch of the Collegiate and Youth Division of the Online Circuit.
This fun free-entry tournament series for all USBGF Youth members provides an opportunity for exposure to, and practice on, the USBGF Online Circuit and the play site – Gridgammon. These sites will be used for March Mayhem, the USBGF National Intercollegiate Championships – both individual and team competitions. Take this opportunity to compete and practice. Please register and follow the action at the Online Circuit section of our website. The tournament is co-directed by Michael Edge and Tara Mendicino.

As the series is restricted to Collegiate & Youth members, experience and skill levels may vary considerably – from new beginners to expert players. The emphasis is on fun and entertaining competition for our younger members. Exemplary sportsmanship is required. Play well, play to win — but do so in a manner designed to make the experience enjoyable for all.

Venue and Schedule:

  • The Collegiate & Youth Invitational series will be played on GridGammon. Nicknames will be arranged through a special service free of charge to USBGF members who are not already registered at GridGammon. If you do not have a GridGammon nickname, email and state that you are a member of the U.S. Backgammon Federation and would like a new account to play in the USBGF Online Circuit.
  • Scheduling is flexible, with one week allowed for arranging and completing each round. An additional day or two can be requested of the Directors if critical school work conflicts arise — however no backgammon excuse notes will be provided to professors.
  • Play for Invitational # 1 begins December 2, 2012, or as soon as an 8 player bracket is filled and drawn. As each bracket commences play, the next event in the series will open for registration. It is expected that a new tournament will start about every 3 — 4 weeks.


  • Entry is free to all USBGF Youth members, US and international.
  • Collegiate & Youth Invitational #1 will feature 3 point matches, single elimination format. Match length and format may vary for future events in the series based on Director and player preferences.
  • USBGF Youth members may enter as many events in the series as desired. Should demand prove high, we will simply open new brackets.

USBGF Tournament System

  • Players register online. Members must be logged in to register. If needed, USBGF Usernames may be requested from If you are not currently an active member, please join.
  • Players separately need a GridGammon account/nickname to play online matches. These may be requested from or by filling out the information on the USBGF website FAQs.
  • Players will be automatically notified of their opponent and e-mail their opponent to arrange a playing time using the USBGF Tournament System. Several times should be offered.
  • Winners of each match report their result using the USBGF Tournament System.
  • The USBGF Tournament System provides lists of registered players for open brackets and the drawsheets.

USBGF Online Rating System


  • While ratings are not emphasized in the Collegiate & Youth series, the data from the event will be captured in the Online Rating System. Players who are new to the USBGF Tournament System are asked to select their initial Elo rating. We will also accept existing ratings from GridGammon and will verify your submission.
  • Players who are new to online backgammon may select “Start With New Statistics.” Those players will start fresh with an Elo of 1500, Experience Points set to zero. Players should expect substantial volatility in their ratings until at least 400 Experience Points are gained.
  • All other players will start with 400 Experience Points and a rating based on the table below.
  • For more information regarding our Rating System, please see Rating System. Should you have any questions or are unsure of what to submit, please use our Support Form.


  • Players with GridGammon ratings < = 1549 should select 1500.
  • Players with GridGammon ratings > 1549 and < 1650 should select 1600.
  • Players with GridGammon ratings > 1649 and < 1750 should select 1700.
  • Players with GridGammon ratings > 1749 and < 1850 should select 1800.
  • Players with GridGammon ratings > 1849 should select 1900.
  • Unknown players without GridGammon ratings should select ‘Start With New Statistics.


  • All winners in the Collegiate and Youth Invitational series will be noted on the USBGF website and USBGF Facebook page.

The tournament directors reserve the right to make modifications to the tournament design as well as the right to exclude participation with no reason required.