How to Save GridGammon Match Files

After installing the GridGammon client, match files are not saved by default. Please follow the instructions below to ensure your match files are saved to your computer.
Select “Options” from the top menu in the GridGammon lobby.
It will look like this:
At the Options menu, select “AutoSave Settings…”.
The AutoSave tab will look like this:
At “When to save”, make sure “Save games automatically when I’m playing” is checked. You may optionally wish to also automatically save games which you are watching.

At “Format”, make sure to check either “Text (.txt)”, “Snowie GridGammon (.sgg)”, or both.

Option 1
At “Save Folder” the default value is “C:\Program Files\GridGammon\SaveGame\”. Due to Windows security settings, you will need to change this folder location to one that is outside of “Program Files”. You may wish to create a new folder under “MyDocuments”, for example.

Option 2
You also have the option to set GridGammon to “run as Administrator”. This setting will allow you to save your match files. See below for detailed instructions.

After completing the above settings changes, hit “Apply” and “OK”. From that point on, your matches will be automatically saved to the folder that you created.
How to set GridGammon to always Run as Administrator
As mentioned above, you also have the option to force GridGammon to run as Administrator. This will allow you to save your match files in the default location of “C:\Program Files\GridGammon\SaveGame\” and bypass the Windows security settings. This is the method I personally use and prefer.
Go to the “desktop” on your computer and right-click the GridGammon short-cut icon on your desktop. Your context menu should look much like the image below. On your context menu, click “Properties”.
At the Grid Gammon Properties window, click on the “Compatibility” tab. Check the box at “Priviledge Level” titled, “Run this program as an administrator.” Click “Apply” and “OK”. Login to GridGammon and you should have no problem saving your match files from this point on.