Registered Players

Online Team Championship Qualifier 2 Registered Players
Registration will close Wednesday, May 1. Registered players will be notified via email to review the brackets, find their opponent, and to schedule their match as soon as possible. This tournament has 8 teams entered. Tip: You can sort multiple columns simultaneously on the Players list by holding down the shift key and clicking a second, third, or even fourth column header.


#NameGG NicknameRatingWin – LossWin %Team NamePos #
1Al Cantito D.C.docgammon1677.370 – 10%CBC2
2Alan GrunwaldNoctogammon1869.333 – 0100%The Executioners4
3Alfred Mamletamamlet1914.843 – 0100%The Executioners1
4Ali AvciogluHunterson1367.890 – 10%Los Cancheros2
5Andrew Fazekasrxbum1488.960 – 10%CBC3
6Andy Rubienbugger1840.280 – 20%Primal Scream3
7Byron TredwaySeqkat1587.000 – 10%Rocky Mountain High5
8Charles Raichlemasurte1805.611 – 0100%Prime of Our Lives3
9Chris Savanpascaline1376.520 – 10%Los Cancheros3
10Chris Trenchereinsteinny1903.450 – 20%Primal Scream4
11Ed O’LaughlinEasyEd1841.201 – 150%Capitol Classics1
12edward baudercenturyrider1757.171 – 233%Team Awesome5 – C
13Elliott Schulmanschmeiss1554.520 – 10%Prime of Our Lives5
14Eric DyReyes Bautistaedbvongammon1427.000 – 30%Team Awesome1
15Frank RaposaFrankRaposa1643.322 – 0100%Capitol Classics3
16Gabriel SavanGMS1436.711 – 0100%Los Cancheros4
17Grant SchneiderVaGrant11722.841 – 150%Capitol Classics2
18Greg KurrellMisterPostman1824.900 – 10%Prime of Our Lives2
19Jack LeProwsejack87101614.881 – 0100%Rocky Mountain High3
20joe freedmanblotto1756.330 – 20%Capitol Classics4
21John GamalielsonTarsTarkus1803.182 – 167%Team Awesome2
22Joseph RussellJRUS1787.922 – 167%The Executioners5 – C
23Karen Daviskarendavis1784.851 – 150%Capitol Classics5 – C
24kat denisonverandazilla1491.890 – 10%Rocky Mountain High4
25Larry Buzinigammon1558.792 – 167%Team Awesome3
26Larry Shillerlshiller1530.181 – 0100%CBC1
27Lawrence WilsonLawrencebg1560.970 – 10%Rocky Mountain High1
28Lynda ClayLulu21743.851 – 0100%Prime of Our Lives4 – C
29Lynn LuskLynnL1736.190 – 10%Rocky Mountain High2
30Mario Savandorado111654.131 – 0100%Los Cancheros1 – C
31Michael Ginatmarbar1783.710 – 10%Prime of Our Lives1
32Mike Senkiewiczsenk1897.801 – 150%Primal Scream1
33Phil Franklinphilf1610.852 – 167%Team Awesome4
34Richard MunitzZurichMint1827.011 – 150%Primal Scream2 – C
35Roderick CovlinSentry1745.502 – 0100%Primal Scream5
36Ross D GordonCBC1598.521 – 0100%CBC5 – C
37Sharon TorresBlueloot1487.980 – 10%CBC4
38Steve SaxSTEAMSAX1896.013 – 0100%The Executioners2
39Tara Mendicinotemsat1800.000 – 00%Rocky Mountain HighCAPT
40William Reevesblotbopper1471.330 – 10%Los Cancheros5