April Mesich

Backgammon, to me, is more than just an endlessly fascinating game, it also has an incredible community. Since joining the Twin Cities Backgammon Club in 2015, I have been continuously inspired to expand our community and am devoted to that cause.

My goal is to help more people discover backgammon and enjoy the rich experience that our community provides. My extensive marketing background has been key to that endeavor. The techniques and strategies that I use to grow businesses also translate to growing communities. At my local club, I have been instrumental in doubling our weekly attendance, adding a second weekly tournament night, and running unique special events. I have successfully spearheaded efforts to bring in and nurture new players. On the ABT circuit, along with my husband Michael, I established the successful Viking Backgammon Classic.

I will use my time on the board to focus on growing our beloved game on a national level. I am especially passionate about attracting new players, increasing diversity, and providing quality experiences and value to members.