Martin Thurmann

Martin Thurmann

Ever since I was introduced to Backgammon as a student in Greece during the summer of ’87, it has become my lifelong passion. Over the span of 35 years, this game has remained a constant presence in my life.

While raising children, I mostly played Backgammon recreationally due to time constraints. However, in recent years, I have been steadily increasing my involvement, dedicating time and effort to continuously learn and enhance my skills.

Being an active member of the Backgammon community also means contributing behind the scenes, as volunteers are essential to our progress. While my primary source of income lies elsewhere, I derive immense joy from fostering the growth of our community out of pure love for the game.

Although my role may be small, I approach it with a smile and a positive attitude as I organize our online tournaments. While we take the game seriously, it’s important to approach life with kindness and find joy in our shared experiences. Whether we win or lose, we always play fairly and treat each other with respect.

This approach has not only served me well in my professional life as a global support and service leader, but also in raising a family. And it undoubtedly applies to our shared passion for Backgammon, as we come together to play this wonderful game with enthusiasm and dedication.