Kara Schultz

Joining the board is an incredible honor. I love backgammon and the backgammon community. Having received a warm reception into it, my goal is to create the same welcoming environment for others, from the local club level to national tournaments and, given the opportunity, by serving on the USBGF Board. As a lifetime marketer, becoming a member of the board enables me to be a brand ambassador for the USBGF – contributing a human touch to the brand, along with the other board members. Joining the board is an incredible opportunity to join a group of like-minded backgammon enthusiasts and engage in meaningful conversations where I can help support new marketing initiatives, engage with our audience (and hopefully create new ones!) and raise money and awareness for both backgammon and the USBGF.

My goal as a board member is to be a positive influence in our community and help USBGF meet and exceed its goals, particularly of building awareness, growing the membership numbers, and keeping existing members engaged and interested. I’m often surprised at how many people in the world play backgammon with family and friends but aren’t necessarily familiar with it as a competitive mind sport. As a passionate backgammon player, promoting awareness of the backgammon community and USBGF, and to a diverse and new group would be one of my primary goals as a Board member.

With over 20 years of marketing experience, I bring expertise in a field that is not traditionally associated with backgammon. Part of being a marketer is understanding the wants and needs of a diverse customer base and engaging new and existing audiences. With a passion for both marketing and backgammon, I’m eager to support the USBGF team in reaching new audiences and expanding the backgammon community through marketing initiatives. As part of the board, I believe that my soft skills are also beneficial – in a Venn diagram with marketing and backgammon, there are many overlaps: passion, dedication, communication, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving!