Jack Edelson

As the organizer and co-director of the Wisconsin State Backgammon Championships, I have demonstrated my ability and passion to grow the game. During my involvement with the tournament, our attendance has increased by 38 percent since 2017, one of the highest rates on the circuit. I know how to attract new players, and I will use that experience to help promote backgammon as a member of the Board.

I am currently on the Board of Directors and I previously served on the Board from 2018 to 2021, and I have been a member of both the Local Clubs Committee and Tournament Directors Advisory Committee. I am currently working on bringing the ABT back to Indianapolis for the first time since 2006. Additionally, I have extensive experience as a player both in the US and Europe. My background positions me well to understand the needs and perspectives of players, directors, and organizers.

My priorities are simple. I will evaluate every proposal based on two questions. Does it serve our players and directors? And does it promote the growth of the game? Supporting local clubs, which provide accessible entry points to new players, must be a key part of our strategy. I will strive to find cost-effective ways to promote the game, creating growth without increasing the demands placed on our players. Finally, I will work to ensure that the USBGF meets the needs of all players, whether they are serious players seeking to improve their game, or casual players looking for a fun social outlet.