Antoinette-Marie Williams

My passion for backgammon started almost 50 years ago. I enjoy playing and teaching people of all skill levels. I believe that my ability to communicate with the world at large will support the USBGF mission to bring more players into the game.

Currently, I support the organization as a Bronze Founding Sponsor and lead the educational program for the USBGF Women of Backgammon. By inviting world renowned players, this program seeks to get more women involved in the game and elevate their skill level. I also served as the Commentary Manager for the USBGF video streaming program and recruited top players to provide expert commentary on ABT matches.

I am especially eager to increase the number of young people playing backgammon. I am working towards establishing a backgammon program in the NYC elementary school system. At the request of the Columbus/Amsterdam Better Improvement District, I started giving free backgammon lessons every other Saturday in Manhattan, NY, outdoors on Amsterdam Avenue and West 109th Street. I partner with DOROT, an intergenerational organization that pairs senior citizens with young students, to provide instructional backgammon and chess sessions. I am pursuing an opportunity to start free backgammon lessons at the Game Store on Broadway and West 114th Street in NYC.

As a USBGF board member, I will use my teaching and partnership skills to spearhead new programs — especially those designed for kids.