Texas Backgammon Championships Reinstated as ABT Tournament

We are pleased to announce that the Texas Backgammon Championships and the U.S. Backgammon Federation have reached an agreement to reinstate the event on the American Backgammon Tour!

Here is our joint statement:

The USBGF has agreed to reinstate the Texas Backgammon Championships as a tournament on the American Backgammon Tour, effective in 2022.  The USBGF and the Texas Backgammon Championships recognize a mutual benefit in this decision.  Bill Riles regrets certain statements, public and private, that he has made toward the USBGF – he trusts the same is true of certain USBGF representatives toward him.  An agreement has been reached and executed ending future such unproductive rhetoric by all parties.  The Texas Backgammon Championships accepts the ABT requirements as applicable to all ABT events, specifically that entrants in ABT events be USBGF members and pay a $10 fee.

Respectfully submitted by John Pirner and Bill Riles

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