Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my USBGF password is not working?

  • Go to http://usbgf.org
  • On the right, under the login fields, click the link “Lost your password?”
  • Enter your username OR email address and then “Get New Password”
  • You will receive an email with the words “To reset your password, visit the following address”.  Click the provided link
  • On the page that opens, enter your desired new password twice, then click the button “Reset Password”
  • You should then see a page with a confirmation “Your password has been reset”, and a link to “log in”

What do I do if my GridGammon password is not working?

  • Please note GridGammon is a separate organization
  • Send an inquiry about your password by email to Support@GridGammon.com
  • Include your USBGF username and GridGammon username

I am a member. Why is the site saying that the content is restricted to members only?

  • In most cases, this is because you are not currently logged in to the site. Without being logged in, the site does not know who you are and that you are a member.
  • On the top right side of the screen, if it says “LOGIN”, then you ARE NOT logged in. Enter your username and password to login.
  • It is recommended that you check the “Remember me” box so you won’t need to login every time you visit the site.
  • If on the top right it says “WELCOME {your name}” then you ARE logged in. In that case, please examine the error message carefully. The content may be restricted to a higher level of membership, or your membership may have expired. If so, you must upgrade (or renew) your membership level in order to access this content.

 How do I find my Member ID#?

  • Login to the site (http://usbgf.org)
  • Follow the link on the upper right for “> Profile / Change Password”
  • Near the top of the next page you will see “Your Membership Status”
  • Under that will be your Member #

How do I register for my eXtremeGammon discount?

After you login on the USBGF site, click the link on the upper right under “Welcome [Your Name]” –> “Profile/Change Password”

On your Profile page you will see something like this:

Your Membership Status
Member # _______. Premium Member. Membership expires: _________, 2012.

This is the member number that you will use on the eXtreme Gammon site to get the discount

Go to the site:


Halfway down the page you will see this text:

“If you are a USBGF Youth or Premium member click here to enter your name and ID below.”

Note: you can use your USBGF membership discount only once to register eXtreme Gammon.

Once you click the “here” link, below that you will then see fields where you can enter your USBGF Last Name and the Member #.

How do I transfer eXtremeGammon to a new computer?

If you change computers and need to transfer your XG registration to a new computer, or lost your Activation Code, please go to eXtremeGammon’s Help and Support page:


The XG Help page provides the answers to these questions and many more.

How do I change the Gravatar monster associated with my USBGF account?

  • Go to https://en.gravatar.com/site/signup/
  • Enter the same email address that you used for your USBGF.org account
  • Follow the link that the Gravatar site sends to your email to activate and create your account.
  • It would be easiest to remember if you create the same username and password as your USBGF account
  • Upload your desired avatar or picture.
  • Comments you post on USBGF.org will now display the picture you uploaded to your Gravatar account.

How do I get a GridGammon account so I can play in the USBGF online tournaments?

You must have a paid Basic, Premium, or Youth USBGF membership and be logged in to access the application form.

Follow this link to complete the form to apply for a GridGammon account.   http://usbgf.org/trny/gg-acct/

Can I play on GridGammon with a Mac?

Yes! Although gridgammon.com on the internet only provides a link to download a Windows client for GridGammon, there IS a Mac client, but it is not available for the public to download on the internet. When you apply for a GridGammon account you will notice that one of the fields asks for your operating system (Leopard etc.).

When you receive your account confirmation from GridGammon you will also receive the installation for your Mac OS.

Does the USBGF accept international members?

The US Backgammon Federation has many international members.
All international members are welcome to participate in the online tournaments as well.

Why does my payment confirmation email indicate my new membership is valid through 1969?

We are working on resolving this occasional glitch. Please email us at Support@usbgf.org so that we can manually correct your account.

I want to pay for membership with a credit card but Pay Pal is prompting me to “Log in to my PayPal account”

A few lines below this login prompt, you will see the words “Don’t have a PayPal account?”. Click the link below that for “Pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal Guest”.

Where do I mail a check if I can’t use Pay Pal or a credit card on the site?

Mail a check payable to U.S. Backgammon Federation to:

Bill Riles
Treasurer, USBGF
70 Champions Bend Circle
Houston, Texas 77069

How to send money through PayPal for membership adjustments, upgrades, etc.

  • [1] Log in to your PayPal account
  • [2] Go to “My PayPal”
  • [3] Click “Pay or Send Money”
  • [4] Select “Pay for Goods or services”
  • [5] In the “Email or mobile number” field enter this email address: payments@usbgf.org
  • [6] Enter the amount
  • [7] Click Next
  • [8] Change the drop-down option to You’ll Pay “No address needed”
  • [9] In the field “Add a note” – type in the details of the USBGF username and what you are paying for (e.g. “$25 payment to upgrade my membership from Basic to Premium”)