Qualifier for World Cup and Champions Cup

Qualify to represent the U.S. in the WBIF World Cup and Champions Cup! Hurry entry deadline is Saturday, March 25th.
WBIF World Cup and Champions Cup

Enter now to qualify to represent the U.S. in the World Backgammon Internet Federation (WBIF) World Cup and Champions Cup! Qualifier matches will take place on Saturday, March 25th.

There is no limit to the number of qualifier entries. However, the main events are limited to eight players total from a single country. Two members have already qualified. Thus, six spots remain, three in the World Cup and three in the Champions Cup. While qualifier winners will represent the U.S., these are individual events, not team events.

Qualifier Date: Qualifier will run on Saturday, March 25th, starting at 2 pm Eastern time. Qualifier winners will play in the main tournaments starting on April 1st. The main tournaments will allow up to two weeks to finish each round. Thus it will not conflict with the Las Vegas Open.
Entry Deadline: March 25th, 1 pm Eastern
Cost: $20 qualifier entry, no fee to play in the main tournament. If you qualify, you must either be a current WBIF member or join prior to April 1st. WBIF membership is 10 Euros a year, but you need not join unless you qualify.
How to Enter: Send your entry fee of $20 to director Joe Russell before March 25th, 1 pm Eastern. Pay via Venmo (@-Joseph-Russell-95) or PayPal (paypal.me/josephrussell1502 – select the friends and family option). Once you have made your payment, please email ez2bblue@gmail.com, notifying him that payment has been made to ensure you get a spot in the qualifier.
Format: Nine-point matches, played until fewer than 12 players remain. That will likely take only two or three rounds. If we end up with six players, all six qualify. If we wind up with seven to eleven, the top six in average performance rating (PR) for all their matches qualify. Once we have six qualifiers, the three with the lowest overall average PR will play in the Champions Cup, and the other three will play in the World Cup. 
Location: Play will take place on Backgammon Studio Heroes 3
Contact: Joe Russell, Tournament Director, at ez2bblue@gmail.com or 310-749-8274

Technical Information

You must have a Backgammon Studio account.  Registration is free, and it only takes a minute to set up. If you need assistance, contact the director, Joe Russell.

Matches will be played in the USBGF room on Heroes 3.  To find the USBGF room:

  1. Log on to Heroes 3 The black bar at the top of the page will indicate Server 3
  2. Follow this path Main > Tournament Rooms > USBGF room

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