PrimeTime Magazine 2021 Winter Issue

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Our headline topic is the 2020 ABT Online! tour, with champion Art Benjamin!

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Table of Contents

Genud Cup 2020

  • 2020 Genud Cup, page 60
  • Genud Cup Analysis, page 63

ABT Online! Champion

  • Art Benjamin: 2020 ABT Online! Winner, page 30
  • Benjamin vs. Lonergan: Final Match, ABT Online! Summer Finale, page 33


  • 3rd Roll Complex: Following up the 64 Pointing Play, page 45
  • Social Zooming Through the Pandemic, page 84
  • Backgammon Stand at the Roman Sports Museum, page 91
  • Local Club Awards, page 112


  • Presidents Column: Realizing our Mission, page 10
  • Founding Sponsors, page 13
  • Book Review: Color Me Backgammon, page 56
  • Math Overboard: Three Checkers Left, page 94
  • USBGF Online Tournament System, page 104
  • Bad Beat Stories: Humility, page 87

Board of Directors

  • Election Overview and Welcome New Members, pages 17-27

Tournament Reports

  • World Online Championship, Wild West Shootout, and Sunny Florida, pages 75-80

Results and Leaders

  • ABT Online! Results and Points Race, USBGF Master Points, Online Circuit Winners, and Tournament Calendar, pages 116-126

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