PrimeTime Magazine Spring 2019

PrimeTime Magazine Spring 2019

Steve Sax, perennial Backgammon Giant is interviewed.

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Table of Contents


  • 2019 American Backgammon Hall of Fame Awards Dinner
  • Interview with Steve Sax
  • Backgammon:  Improving your game

Tournament Reports

  • 2019 New York Metro Open
  • 7th Texas Backgammon Championships

What’s the Ruling?

  • Conversing in a Foreign Language


  • Scott Ward:  Winner of the 4th USBGF Director’s Cup
  • Gammon Guys

Math Overboard

  • Counting Double Shots:  The Rule of 17

In Memoriam

  • Memories of Steve Brown

Tournament Results


  • President’s Column
  • Founding Sponsors

USBGF National and Online Stats

Tournament Calendar


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