PrimeTime Magazine Sep-Oct 2015

PrimeTime Magazine Sep Oct 2015

Coverage of the Backgammon World Championship held in Monte Carlo.

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Table of Contents


  • HOF Interview with Bill Robertie
  • Michy vs Matt Cohn-Geier
  • Bagai’s Replies Surprise
  • The Rule of 8
  • Final Pressure:  Cetinel vs Erokin
  • East Meets West in Monte Carlo
  • Cihangir Cetinel 2015 World Champion

Player Profiles

  • Ed Sawyer
  • Genna Cowan
  • Dmitriy Obukov
  • Walt Smith

Tournament and Local Club News

  • 2015 Michigan Summer Backgammon
  • Qualifying Prime Clubs

Tournament Results

  • Live and Online


  • President’s Column
  • Founding Sponsors

USBGF National and Online Stats

  • Master Point Leaders
  • National Leaderboard
  • Online Leaderboard




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