PrimeTime Magazine May-June 2012

Bob Wachtel reports on the Nordic Open.

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Table of Contents

The Players’ Tournament: The Nordic Open
Back to the Classics: the 2012 Nevada State Backgammon Championships
Update on the USBGF
Annual Membership Meeting of the USBGF
Starting Off Right
Backgammon at the University of South Carolina
Horton And Mattig Win Big At CSI
My Ohio State Backgammon Recap
Harvey Mudd College wins NCTC
Announcing the 2012 International Backgammon Championship
2013 Texas Backgammon Championships
Upcoming U.S. Events
An Explanation of the USBGF Leader Board
The Leading US Players
Founding Sponsors
ABT Tournament Results
USBGF Volunteer Staff
USBGF Gear Depot
USBGF Board of Directors

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