PrimeTime Magazine May-Jun 2013

PrimeTime Magazine News Thumbnail May-Jun 2013

The USBGF inaugurates the Online Match Feature on its website.

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Table of Contents

USBGF Members vs. Neil Kazaross: Online Match #1
Denmark vs. the World 2013
Update on the USBGF
Annual Membership Meeting
Backgammon at the New Museum of Math
To Double or Not to Double
John Klein: Student of the Game
The Leading U.S. Players
Online Leader Board
Upcoming Backgammon Scheduled Events
Alfred Mamlet: Winner of the January Online Circuit
The Riviera in Winter
MindGamesCenter: A Review
Friendly Tournaments: Ohio And Atlanta
Founding Sponsors
Tournament Results
USBGF Volunteer Staff
USBGF Gear Depot
USBGF Board of Directors

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