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Ray Fogerlund versus Mochy in the Dual Duel in San Antonio.

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Table of Contents


  • Interview With Bill Riles
  • A Tip Of The Ten-Gallon Hat
  • Limiting Gammonish Volatility
  • Backgammon In Cyprus
  • Istavder 6th Anniversary Festival
  • Breaking The Anchor

Player Profiles

  • Jamie Erin Rosen
  • Gregory Kurrell

Local Club News

  • Austin Backgammon Club

Tournament News

  • California State
  • New York Metro Open
  • Mochy Does It All
  • Live Tournament Results


  • Board Of Directors Election
  • Founding Sponsors
  • USBGF Online Circuit

USBGF Live & Online Ratings

  • Live Leader Board
  • Online Leader Board
  • Upcoming Tournaments


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