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The 2014 Nordic Open and the Denmark vs. the World challenge match.

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Table of Contents


  • Giant Sorting
  • Falafel vs. Matt Cohn-Geier 2014 Chicago Open
  • Denmark vs. The World: The Lineup
  • Denmark vs. The World: The Back Story
  • 26th Nordic Open: Backgammon at its Peak
  • 2-2 Second Roll Study

Book Review

  • In The Game Until The End, Volume II

Player Profiles

  • Michelle Steinberg
  • Max Crosner

Tournament News

  • 2014 Los Angeles Open
  • Live Tournament Results
  • Online Circuit Winners


  • What’s On The Drawing Board For The USBGF?
  • Founding Sponsors

USBGF Live & Online Ratings

  • Live Leaderboard
  • Online Leaderboard

Local Club News

  • Beltway Backgammon Club

U.S. Backgammon Tour

  • Upcoming Tournaments

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