PrimeTime Magazine Jan-Feb 2011

PrimeTime Magazine News Thumbnail Jan-Feb 2011

Completes a 2 part series on the 2010 Monte Carlo World Backgammon Championship.

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Table of Contents

Bali Ha’i
2010 American Backgammon Tour Contenders
Update on the USBGF
Art Benjamin to Join USBGF Board of Directors
Starting Off Right
The Free Drop
Eight Days In Monte Carlo (Part 2)
Chuck Bower on Monte Carlo by Chuck Bower (Part 2)
I’d Like That Match To Go, Please
Alan and Joan Grunwald
Tips on Increasing Attendance at an ABT Event
2010 Cal State Backgammon Championship
Top-Ranked Players
USBGF Local Club Initiative
Founding Sponsors
USBGF Tournament of Stars
Upcoming Events
ABT Tournament Results
USBGF Gear Depot

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