PrimeTime Magazine Fall 2019

PrimeTime Magazine Fall 2019

Report on Jonah Seewald's ride to victory in the Texas Championship.

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Table of Contents


  • 2019 Monte Carlo World Championship Final
  • Following up on the 65 Opener:  Study of 3rd Roll Positions
  • Jonah’s Weekend

Tournament Report

  • 2019 Los Angeles Open

Math Overboard

  • Handy Tips for Counting Pips

Book Review

  • Opening Concepts and Endgame Technique


  • A 40-year Look-Back, 1979 ITT Worldcom Match


  • My Backgammon Journey

What’s the Ruling?

  • A Hit Checker

Tournament Results

  • Live Tournament Results


  • President’s Column
  • Founding Sponsors

USBGF National and Online Stats

  • 2019 ABT Standings Top 60
  • Master Point Leaders
  • Online Leaderboard
  • Online Circuit Leaders

Tournament Calendar

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