PrimeTime Magazine Fall 2017

PrimeTime Magazine Fall 2017

Joe Russell kicks off our issue with an explanation of the Federation's newly ratified 2018 Tournament Rules.

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Table of Contents


  • Interview with Joe Russell
  • 2016 Federation Cup Final
  • Worldwide Trophy II:  Tbilisi 2017
  • 42nd Backgammon World Championship
  • The World Championship from my Perspective
  • Malcolm Davis Quiz Part 1

Tournament News

  • Viking Horde Plunders Wisconsin’s Cheese


  • Fazil Termelmez:  20th Anniversary of FTH Boards
  • Ross Gordon

PrimeTime Special Report

  • 1972 World Chess Championship

Tournament Results

  • Live Tournament Results
  • 2017 ABT Standings Top 60


  • Chairman’s Message
  • President’s Column
  • Founding Sponsors

USBGF National and Online Stats

  • Master Point Leaders
  • Online Leaderboard
  • Online Circuit Winners

Tournament Calendar

  • Upcoming Tournaments


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