PrimeTime Magazine 2022 Summer

Brandon Macklin is featured on our cover. He is a Baltimore player who burst onto the scene by winning two events and the Consolation of another.

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Table of Contents


Brandon Macklin

  • Brandon Macklin Bursts onto the Scene
  • US Open:  Recap of prestigious event won by Brandon Macklin


  • Book Review:  Holding Game Guru
  • 2022 USBGF Awards Dinner
  • Women in Backgammon
  • Backgammon in Japan:  My Journey
  • Learning to Learn:  Proven Techniques


  • President’s Column
  • USBGF Sponsors
  • Backgammon is Life:  Regret
  • What’s the Ruling:  It Ain’t Over When it’s Over
  • Math Overboard

Results and Leaders

  • ABT Tournament Results
  • Other Tournament Results
  • ABT Points Race
  • ABT Online!  Points Race
  • 2022 Online Master Points
  • USBGF Online Master Points
  • USBGF Online Circuit Winners

Tournament Calendar

  • ABT Online!  The Big April Freeze Out
  • USBGF National Championship
  • 2022 Los Angeles Open
  • ABT Online! The Big May Freeze Out
  • Inaugural Palm Beach Women’s Classic Tournament
  • ABT Online! The Big June Freeze Out
  • Cherry Blossom Puts on a Spectacular Show
  • First Signs of Spring:  12th Atlanta Backgammon Classic
  • 2022 Chicago Open




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