PrimeTime Magazine 2022 Summer

Brandon Macklin is featured on our cover. He is a Baltimore player who burst onto the ABT scene by winning two big events and the Consolation of another, also finishing in the semifinals of the recent Michigan Masters.

We inducted Art Benjamin and John O’Hagan into the American Backgammon Hall of Fame. We also presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Marty Storer and Rich Munitz. 

Art Benjamin’s Math Overboard column covers the important topic of Short Pippish Races. These animals are ubiquitous and must be handled properly. Art also gives us a review of Stick’s recent book, Holding Game Guru.

Table of Contents


Brandon Macklin

  • Brandon Macklin Bursts onto the Scene
  • US Open:  Recap of prestigious event won by Brandon Macklin


  • Book Review:  Holding Game Guru
  • 2022 USBGF Awards Dinner
  • Women in Backgammon
  • Backgammon in Japan:  My Journey
  • Learning to Learn:  Proven Techniques


  • President’s Column
  • USBGF Sponsors
  • Backgammon is Life:  Regret
  • What’s the Ruling:  It Ain’t Over When it’s Over
  • Math Overboard

Results and Leaders

  • ABT Tournament Results
  • Other Tournament Results
  • ABT Points Race
  • ABT Online!  Points Race
  • 2022 Online Master Points
  • USBGF Online Master Points
  • USBGF Online Circuit Winners

Tournament Calendar

  • ABT Online!  The Big April Freeze Out
  • USBGF National Championship
  • 2022 Los Angeles Open
  • ABT Online! The Big May Freeze Out
  • Inaugural Palm Beach Women’s Classic Tournament
  • ABT Online! The Big June Freeze Out
  • Cherry Blossom Puts on a Spectacular Show
  • First Signs of Spring:  12th Atlanta Backgammon Classic
  • 2022 Chicago Open




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