PrimeTime Magazine 2021 Fall

PrimeTime Magazine Thumbnail Fall 2021

Grandmaster Dmitriy Obukhov appears on our cover this month.

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Table of Contents

On the Cover

  • Aspiring to be the Best We Can Be
  • Interview with Dmitriy Obukhov
  • Reflections by Marty Storer


  • U.S. Membership in the World Backgammon Federation
  • 2021 USBGF Lifetime Achievement Awards
  • In Memoriam: Patti Rubin
  • Backgammon Memorabilia


  • President’s Column: How the USBGF Works
  • Founding Sponsors
  • Backgammon is Life: Dating
  • What’s the Ruling? Rules, Rules Everywhere!
  • Math Overboard: Are Galaxy Dice Fair?

Results & Leaders

  • ABT Tournament Results
  • Other Tournament Results
  • ABT Points Race
  • USBGF Online Master Points
  • USBGF Online Circuit Winners
  • Tournament Calendar

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