PrimeTime BG Winter 2020

Cover-Winter-thumbOur Winter issue features 2019 ABT Champion Frank Raposa, two ways: with a fine cover photo, and an article by Karen Davis and Marty Storer, not only recapping the Michigan tournament but also featuring Frank’s play as the winner over finalist Phil Simborg. The other feature articles are also intriguing: Bill Riles recaps November’s Cyprus tournament, including an interview with veteran director Arda Fındıkoğlu and a preview of his new spring tournament to be held in Cyprus. We have rollicking reports on both the Denver Shootout and the California State Championship, with pictures provided by Candace Mayeron and others. Finally, we have Karen Davis’s coverage of her Sunny Florida tournament, including Marty Storer’s analysis from two historic final matches: the undefeated bracket and the tournament final, both played between 80-year-old Ed O’Laughlin, who took the tournament title after many swings, and fresh-faced Cary Hoarty, who tore up the U.S. circuit this year at the tender age of 20. All tournament reporting is accompanied by pictures galore.

In his regular Math Overboard column, Art Benjamin delves into bearoffs. His “Counting Bearoffs” article makes a good study companion to Michy Kageyama’s recent book Endgame Technique. Rich Munitz’s Rulings column thoroughly covers the rules about cube actions: When is a double really a double and a take really a take? The answers are unambiguous!

Chris Bray, author of many books as well as the USBGF’s regular online column “Bray’s Learning Curve,” brings us wittily rendered news from across the pond. A short time ago his regular column in The Independent had been canceled when the publication went digital, but now he is the backgammon columnist for The Times, the world-famous newspaper based in London. We congratulate The Times on gaining his services, and wish Chris the best in his new role.

Karen Davis, USBGF President and Executive Director, gives us a historic column for a historic event: the Federation’s tenth anniversary, including latest news, history, goals, ongoing challenges, and metrics of success. Separately, she provides the latest information on local clubs, giving Prime Club information and also players of the year. Not only that, our valued Founding Sponsors are listed. Their generosity, which now includes some great new gifts, makes it possible for us to operate not only on the U.S. but also the world stage.

All this is accompanied by final ABT standings, complete tournament results, and info on upcoming events, among them NY Metro, Texas, and the Boston Open. Following those popular extravaganzas, we can look forward to Ohio State, the U.S. Open, Atlanta, and the Cherry Blossom tournament in D.C. This is capped by the program for the exciting 2020 Hall of Fame Awards Dinner, to be held at the Bill Riles and Tara Mendicino’s San Antonio tournament.

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