Pick-A-Pro Jackpots

Pick-A-Pro Jackpot Ad - Medium

  • Players can register for the next tournament by sending their $20 entry fee by PayPal to payments@usbgf.org (friends and family) – in the note field, include Pick-A-Pro Jackpot, email address, and GridGammon username
  • Each event will consist of an eight player bracket, 9 point matches, with the winner receiving a free one hour lesson from the backgammon pro of their choice (subject to availability)
  • Winner also receives a Belair Wristwatch donated by the Grunwald Backgammon Fund
  • Each bracket will start as soon as it fills up. An email will be sent out to all players once the event starts, and the brackets will be posted on Challonge.com
  • Players will be given 72 hours (3 days) to complete each round – the entire tournament will last nine days
  • Preferred playing site is GridGammon, however players may play on Backgammon Galaxy, Safe Harbor Games, Backgammon Studio Heroes, or Gammonsite by mutual agreement
  • For additional details, contact Cary@USBGF.org


  1. Dan Minardi - USBGF says:

    Venmo is no longer an option for Pick-a-Pro Jackpots. Please send your registration via PayPal (friends and family) and we will include you in the next draw.

  2. Rain Ackerman Rain Ackerman says:

    We don’t have Venmo here in Canada. Is there another way to pay? Paypal? A cheque? Farm eggs? ;-)

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