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    boris martinello

    Because of this rule, despite I love backgammon, I have been forced to give up from all those tournaments which adopt the legal moves only philosophy”
    Actually when i look at this rule i see it as:
    – an unfair ethical constriction where, in the name of a presumed fair play, makes me feel obliged to correct opponent’s distractions/mistakes. Personally I don’t see any sport where a distraction is not considered part of the game. Especially in a mind game.
    – I do not play a game to cheat someone but, for the same principle, I do not like to be corrected. I would prefer to pay my mistake, rather then ask my opponent to let me correct it after I already stopped my time. I don’t like to be grateful to him. Especially if, at the end, I win my match.
    – In case, I want to decide on my own and not for a constriction, if or in which occasions or with who, in the name of sportsmanship, apply this rule. Assuming that my opponent is an expert player, I can’t see any good reason for doing that, except I play with a close friend. Only a great friendship might justify this behavior. And, most of all, with legal move, we assume everyone has the same level of fair play. Well, sorry to say, but the conception of sportsmanship sounds very different in Scandinavia, or in Greece, or in Japan or in Armenia or in U.S. or in Italy.
    – I don’t think any poll has been realized. Not in Italy for sure. It would have made sense to extend a poll to every single player of this beautiful game, in all the world, explaining clearly why yes or why not, before claming the right to introduce this conception on the game.
    MY SUGGESTION: Strange tha none has even taken in consideration the possibility of a gentlemen agreement between players who disapprove the role. Assumed that any director can adopt legal move or not, following his own moral principles, players should be let free to discuss the rule before starting matches. And if they agree, I suggest they should let free to adopt another rule, discharging the responsibility of the TD.

    in faith
    B.Martinello – Venice IT

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