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Houston Backgammon Club

Meeting Details

Typically play on the third Saturday of the month (call ahead to confirm playing dates). Tournament starts at 12:30 pm, players should arrive by 12:15 pm to ensure inclusion in the draw. Online tournaments are also conducted on a weekly basis; check website for details.



Bill Riles

Venue Location

The Bull & Bear
11980 Westheimer Rd Suite A, Houston, TX 77077


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USBGF Members in this Club

Prime clubs have eight or more USBGF members! 

Kamil Alavi
John Antaki
William Bloch
Leon Button
Phillip Chambers
Calvin Devlin
Kirby Domingue
Bruce Finstad
Audrey Gulsby
Audrey Gulsby
Robert Guthrie
Jim Hallers
Jim Howe
Mike Krauser
Alexander Lawrence
Dwayne Lister
George Marsanick
Kim McGaw
Tara Mendicino
George Morse
Mary Morse
Dan Morse
Warren Murdoch
Scott Neal
Jim Ogburn
Jodi OHara
Gary Oleson
Twain Pigott
Paula Pipes
Barry Power
George Rau
Keith Remels
Bobby Richards
Bill Riles
Emma Robles
Ali Saffarian
Shahriar Sahba
Greg Schmidt
Mehran Shakory
Mehran Shakory (Duplicate)
Larry Shiller
Rod Sprouse
Eric Stippler
Richard Stubbe
Ian Terry
Demetrios Tingas
Bill Tommaney
Charles Ziegler