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Charlotte Backgammon Club

Meeting Details

Meets every Tuesday at 7:00 pm. Usually holds a monthly tournament on the second Saturday of each month at 7:00 pm as well. Contact Jeb Horton or David Rogers to confirm details.



Jeb Horton
David Rogers

Venue Location


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USBGF Members in this Club

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Justin Abbott
Jaime Bauerle
Eric DyReyes Bautista
Aaron Benjamin
Dumont Clarke
David Cox
David Eadie
Michael Edge
Igor Erovenko
Don Faix
Jess Faucette
Patrick Gallavan
Gary Gray
Charles Guzelian
William Horner
Jeb Horton
Paul Horton
Petko Kostadinov
Robert Kratz
John Lane
Francesca Maines
Slappy Martin
Jeff Mason
Vadim Musaelyan
Joel Planer
Tom Polk
Todd Porter
David Rogers
Michael Ross
Steve Saad
Philip Smith
Irma Stevens
Haakon Thorsen
Jim Ulaky
Wells Van Pelt Jr.
Linda Whitmore
Marvin Widenhouse
Carl Yerger